50 months with this boy <3 He is honestly my every dream of a prince charming. No one would understand the bond we have. This boy isn’t your average boyfriend/bestfriend, he’s everything in between. He is honestly my high school sweet heart. Those short term, breaks type of relationships are incomparable to what we have. We have something that others don’t. He told me he would always be there for me no matter what, and still does to this very day. Insecurities :/ He opened my mind/heart to give him a try being that he is unlike other guys and therefore he really is. He is more than I imagined he would be. He’s the first guy to actually meet my parents; they love him! Always asking about his where abouts and his well being. He makes me feel good every single day. We went from seeing eachother once every two months -to seeing eachother and spending every weekend with our families. This boy still gives me butterflies to this very day, its unbelievable. Our relationship is like every other, mini arguements to make ups, but there’s something beyond what other couples have. I still can’t believe that I took him to Disneyland for the first time! On his 18th birthday. I can replay every single memory we have together and I cannot wait until we make more :) He constantly tells me, “you’re pretty…” when I don’t believe it. He reassures me of everything. He’s someone I see myself with in the future, but for now lets see how the rest of our story goes. Just know, that I love this boy more than words can explain. “Till infinity & beyond, just you & I against all odds.”